Recording from video soundtrack whilst playing on pc flat lining

Hi folks. I’m trying to record snippets of audio, using Audacity 3.3.3 , from movie soundtracks whilst playing the film on Windows 10 pc. When selecting record , the process of recording comences but the input volume is totally flat. It doesn’t matter what combination of settings I use (e.g. Windows WASAPI, speakers (realtek high def) ,2 stereo channel etc and any combo available, the results are the same. I can play with the volume effect and achieve a result, export the file as an mp3 ect, no problem. I have no problem pasting mp3 tracks into Audacity and editing them , sound level looks normal. Just seems to be anything I try playing from pc. Anyone got any ideas, please?

As if “loudness equalization” was keeping the volume at a constant level ? … Disable Audio Enhancements - Microsoft Support

You can rip the audio from video in Audacity if you install something called FFmpeg… Installing FFmpeg for Windows - Audacity Manual

Many thanks. I’ll see how I get on…

Installed FFmpeg: worked a treat. Cheers a bunch…

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