Recording from USB turntable in Linux

Computer: Dell 3000
Audacity: 2.0.1
Turntable connected to USB port on the computer
Works well connected to my iMac. I can see the USB Audio Codec.
Linux Distro: Crunchbang 11

I need to get this working on my Dell. I don’t see Alsa ISB Codec as an option in Audacity.

What are the steps in getting this to work properly?

That’s because it won’t be called “Alsa ISB Codec”.

If the computer recognises the turntable then just restart Audacity (you need to connect the turntable before launching Audacity, or if you connect the turntable after launching Audacity, use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices).

See Audacity Manual .


Thanks Gale!

So since I am using Linux I should look for something called Microphone in the input list (which is pretty long).

Does pulse see the USB turntable? If not, Audacity won’t see it either. You may need to change the USB cable or make sure it is connected tightly.

I cannot tell you what the USB turntable input will be called, but it is unlikely to be called “Microphone”. I would expect the name to have “USB” included.


Thanks Gale!

I will check that out.

It may not be ‘microphone’, but most likely ‘USB’. - In Linux, with a normal turntable run through the pre-amp section only of an Amp with that facility, I always use Line 0. – That works for me in Linux Mint & Zorin 7 (Ubuntu 13.04). - Rgds.