Recording from USB keyboard

Ok, I have a USB keyboard and I can’t figure out how to use it with Audacity. Is it possible?

I’m guessing that it is a “Midi” keyboard.
Midi keyboards produce “midi control data”, they do not produce “sound”.
Audacity is an “audio” editing program - it works with “sound”, not with midi data.

Oh, ok, thanks.

I would dig around in the instructions for your keyboard. Just because it’s a MIDI keyboard doesn’t exclude the instrument from sending a digital sound bitstream to the computer. It’s extremely unlikely that it can do both at once. See Setup Instructions.

If you’re on a Mac or a DeskSide PC, you can take the headphone out of the keyboard and plug it into the Line-In . That’s how I created the piano2.wav track…

However, if you’re on a Windows Laptop, you may be out of luck because most of them have a mono Mic-In and will overload and distort if you try to plug your keyboard in.