recording from USB casette player to PC [SOLVED]

Purchased Electro Brand Model 2036 which came with a version of Audacity 1.3.13. Can not get Audacity to recognize the device which is connected using a USB a cable. Recently updated with the latest version of Audacity with the same non result. I run Windows 8.1 on a Hp Desktop.

Make sure the unit is plugged in and running before you start Audacity. Then start Audacity and look for the unit or a “usb audio device” in the Audacity device toolbar. The name could be anything, but it’s going to be something that wasn’t there before.

Audacity gets it’s sound from Windows. So Windows has to know about your device before anything else.

If there’s just nothing there, close Audacity and open the Windows audio system and look for your device. My Win7 had little sound meters that would jump and dance when I plugged in something with sound on it.

See if there’s anything in here that helps.



Thanks for all the responses. the Solution turned out to be using the USB in the back of the towner. It immediately recognized the devise. Now I have to try and understand the direction for using Audacity.