Recording from turntables

Right basically I’ve got some decks and want to record my mixing… I plug phono to Jack lead from my decks into the mic port of my pc, play a track and record it, records fine but when I play the recording back its sound roboty if that makes sense like a little distorted, the levels will be really high then low, just sounds awful! I’ve turned the recording levels right down but it’s still as bad just not as loud, any help would be brilliant thanks

See for why the recording fades down.

Are you plugging into some phono amplifier or mixer between the turntables and the mic port? If you are then potentially you have a clipping problem too because the mic port will amplify un-necessarily. In that case you would want a USB interface with a line-level input.

If there is no phono stage in the chain, you are also missing RIAA equalization which you would have to apply in Effect > Equalization… .

And in either case, check in Windows Sound that the mic is set to stereo, if it supports that.