Recording from Trio+ to Audacity

I have a Behringer Podcastudio Bundle with mic,mixer and digital interface. Trying to record from my DigiTech Trio+ to the mixer to Audacity on my laptop, I have connected everything correctly as illustrated in the Trio+ manual for recording through a mixer and when recording to Audacity on my laptop, Audacity records the guitar but does not get the drums or bass guitar parts.I hear the drums and bass as I am playing guitar through my headphones but Audacity doesn’t catch the drums and bass guitar. Any suggestions???HELP

What is the little USB interface? It’s the wrong color for a UCA-202 or UCA222. Plug your headphones into that, switch to Monitor and see if all the instruments are there. Or just tell us what it is.


Hi KOZ, thanks for your reply, the interface is what came with the bundle and is a Behringer UCA200. It has no port to plug headphones into it. It connects to the mixer thru RCA cables and to my laptop via USB.