recording from traktor 3le software to audacity ?

hi there ,
Im havin trouble recording from my dj numark omni mixer through traktor 3le software on to audacity :frowning: .
I`ve gone through the preferences and selected "MME: Speakers (numark omni controller) as playback device and (MME: Microsoft sound mapper) - input on recording. This is recording fine but when i turn down the volume its still recording whats playin in my headphones :frowning: .
can someone please help me with this !!!

Turn down the volume where? The volume controls that are built into Audacity attempt to communicate with your sound card drivers, but this is not supported by all sound cards. Typically USB sound cards do not support this, but it is also true of some other types of sound card. If the controls in Audacity do not affect the sound card, then you will need to use the driver interface directly. In Windows for internal sound cards this is typically the Windows Mixer, but some sound cards replace this with their own custom interface. Some external devices do not have software adjustment for recording/playback volume at all and it has to be done in hardware (common for USB devices).

wat it is i`m wanting to record my mixes from my traktor 3le software . When i start the record button on audacity it records everything my master out and also my headphone cueing :frowning:
I want to be able to just record the master out .

please help

I don’t think that you can do that.