Recording from the Internet

Hi -

I’m using Audacity 2.2.2 on Windows 10.

I like to record stuff from the radio via the Internet and listen to it later. It seems like as soon as I get the settings just right, I get another Windows update and something goes screwy again. This time the sound recording is kind of dull and muffled sounding (example attached). I’ve looked at all of the recording settings on Audacity that I can find and can’t figure out any way to improve it. Any suggestions?

For Host, I have the options MME and Windows DirectSound, which both seem to record from the physical microphone. and Windows WASAPI, which is the one that I use, and does seem to record internally somewhere. This was working successfully until about a week ago. For the mic setting, I’ve got an LG, which relates to my HDMI cable to the monitor, “Speaker/HP”, which is the one that I use and is where I play the sound (I have an external speaker plugged in) and “Microphone”. Again, “Speaker/HP” has been working successfully until recently.


Thanks for attaching a sample file… I’m at work and I can’t listen right now but hopefully someone else can…

Your screenshot shows that you’ve selected your soundcard/speakers and that’s different from HDMI, but apparently you’re recording something… (Some people have found it impossible to record streaming audio when listening through HDMI.)

Make sure WASAPI (loopback) is also selected in the [u]Device Toolbar[/u].

Thanks, DVDDoug.

Yes, it is also selected on the device toolbar.

And… Windows has updated itself yet again and recording is now good and clear.