Recording from Rane TTM Mixer back to USB sound card

Hey I’m new to the forum and hopefully I didn’t overlook this scenario posted before by someone else but I am looking for an inexpensive sound card to record from my Rane TTM mixer. I use my 1/4" to go to my active PA speakers and I have a seperate 1/8" rca connection that I can use to go to a sound card that I could assign to Audacity to record from. If it matters, my DJ sound card is an NI Audio 4. Can anyone recommend a sound card that would work? I used to record onto another laptop but it crapped out recently and it’s been frustrating not recording. Any responses are appreciated!

If it’s fairly conventional stereo line-out, you can plug it into a UCA202 and plug that into your PC. Similar to this:

The thing has no volume controls or indicators so you need to pay attention to your levels. It does have a headphone connection, and it will mix production sound, so you can use it for overdubbing.

Plug the UCA202 together before you launch Audacity.


Sweeet. Thanks dude. When you said watch my levels you mean watch out for clipping on my mixer?

Also thanks for posting that link because I’ve looked at this sound card on this forum before and I couldnt see RCA inputs and was unsure as to what those gold colored connectors were.

I bought one last night at a local music shop for about $35 and it records pretty decent. It has some noise when there are no tracks playing but it works great for what I’m using it for. Now I can use Traktor and record on the same laptop without having to buy the Audio6 or Audio 10 for way more money.