Recording from Project Debut III Usb Turntable

Audacity version 2.0.2

I am trying to record a stereo signal via USB to my Windows 7 PC. It’s clearly recording two channels but I can only seem to adjust the recording level on one channel (the left channel). Is there a way to adjust the recording level in the right channel, too?

If the Debut has a Manual, see if it tells you how to control the balance.

Audacity can only adjust balance after recording (using Effect > Normalize, with “Normalize stereo channels independently” checked). See .

If you have not done so yet, you can check in the Windows Control Panel if the Debut has an input balance slider. Click the “Recording” tab if you are not already on it, then right-click over the USB device > Properties. Then click the “Levels” tab to look for the input slider. Then on the “Advanced” tab, look in the “Default Format” box and make sure it is set to a stereo choice at the same sample rate as the Audacity Project Rate. The Audacity “Project Rate” can be found bottom left of the Audacity window.