Recording from open reel cassettes

Please tell me how to delete both selected previous recordings and to delete the entire recordings stored from previous sessions. Also tell me how to save recordings before I close. I tried EXPORT but cannot save current recordings into the built in MUSIC folder regardless of what choice I make. I also installed LAME to convert to mp3 or wav to no avail. It would be nice to save recordings so the app would be empty on opening. I use the app to record from the LINE IN port. I have not tried to record from cd. I use other apps for that even though they both lack the ability to record from LINE IN despite that it is active. I need any and all help in simple steps to accomplish the basic functions common to open reel and cassettes.

We don’t make any “2.1” version so a good start may be to get the current Audacity 2.1.3 from

Then please try reading the tutorials/FAQs .

If you saved a project, delete the AUP file and _data folder.

If you didn’t save a project, File > Close and don’t save changes. This clears out the Audacity temporary space.

Export is correct. Save into your own Music folder, not someone else’s. Only use a to z or A to Z letters, numbers, underscore and hyphen-minus in the file name. Export not as MP3 but as as WAV, 44100 Hz, 16-bit stereo for burning to audio CD: MP3 should only be used for a final, small disk space copy for your computer or music player.