Recording from my receiver

I am trying to record from my Onyko receiver. I have my computer plugged in via headphone jacks on both devices. but that isn’t working. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Mh - “it isn’t working” does not tell much. Please explain what yopu did, whast is the fesult, any error messages, what kind of computer (Mac, Linux, Windows), what version of the operating system, etc.

Use the line-out terminal on your receiver. Headphones should probably also work, but when you adjust anything in the sound settings (volume, bass, treble, etc.) it is also changed on your recording. The line-out is always constant. And it is a standardized output.

Headphone is an output… Sound comes out… :wink:

You need a line input. It’s normally color-coded blue on a soundcard. Most laptops have only mic-in and headphone-out.

If you don’t have a line-input you’ll need a USB audio interface with line inputs. The Behringer UCA 202 is popular and relatively inexpensive. Or there are lots of higher-end audio interfaces with switchable pro-mic and line inputs.

Headphone-out is compatible with line-in and it always has a volume control, which is sometimes useful.

If your stereo has “tape out” or “record out”, that’s also line-level.

(S)he did really connect two headphone outputs? Well, then…

I have an Onkyo TX-NR68 reciver and a Windows 11 computer. The jack for the headphones and mic input is the exact same. I pluged one side of the jack into the headphone output on the reciver. Then I put the other in my computer, hoping it would then play through my computer. I opened up audaicty and tried every option for mic input and I never got sound through audicity. Is that enough detials?

The mic input is “wrong”, it’s mono, and you’ll probably get low quality, but a TRRS plug/adapter has an extra contact for the microphone connection.

what I was saying is that where I am plugging into my computer, the spot is the same whether I’m plugging in my headphones or a mic.

can someone recommend a solution? How would you connect the Onkyo to my Lenovo computer? Then what settings would you fix? I’ve done every combination I can think of.

Re-read what I said above. You need a USB audio interface with line inputs (or an adapter cable if you don’t care about sound quality).

Ah ok. Funny I know I did this once before without that. But since I can’t reproduce it, I will get the USB interface

I am dumbfounded. Nothing has worked. So I thought I would just go the simple way. I plugged in my Snowball Microphone to record playing the record over my speakers. My basement is very soundproof. I know won’t be best recording but it would be something. And all i get is feed back. There must be settings within Audicity that I am doing wrong. I have tried every combination I can think of. This shouldn’t be so hard.

Turn OFF Audible input monitoring so the microphone is not “fed-back” into the speakers.

Make sure you’ve directly selected the USB mic as your recoding device. And make sure you haven’t selected “loopback” or anything that captures what’s coming out of your soundcard.

Make sure your computer isn’t configured for the microphone sound to come-out of the speakers.

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