Recording from my mixer...

Hi there. I’ve lately upgraded to the latest version of audacity, hoping this would solve a problem that i’ve had since i purchased a new mixer a few years back. Its a Vestax VCI400 - which wasn’t the wisest choice in retrospect as Vestax promptly went bankrupt but anyway. While this mixer is digital - it also has two out of the four channels through which you can use phono decks. Very useful for an old vinyl junkie like me. But for some reason, when recording, Audacity only picks up one channel from the mixer. I never had this problem with my old set up - (analog mixer).

So I’ve looked on the recording tutorial - I thought the section on recording streams was quite interesting - specifically the section on using Soundflower that allows you to route what is playing on the computer digitally back to the input…I"m tempted to go down this route - but wondering if anyone has any advice before i do that. Oh and the MacBookPro i’m using is an oldie but goodie - 17-inch Core 2 Duo running on OS X Lion 10.7.5.

many thanks. - the

The Vestax VCI400 mixer claims MIDI machine control and it only has one USB connection on the rear. So it’s not a digital audio mixer and Audacity doesn’t support MIDI.

I would connect using the analog sockets like used to work.


Just FYI:

Vestax is back. The original CEO restarted the company just a few months ago…

Thanks Koz. i hadn’t thought it having midi. So no point my downloading Soundflower then? so i’ll have to use some sort of splitter from the audio out into the Mac’s audio input…

I didn’t do a surgical inspection on yours, but my mixer has Tape Out…

Different from the Stereo Line-Out connections and I use that.

If not, then you may be stuck with “Y” cables to split each channel, Left and Right, between the sound system and Audacity in the Mac.

If your Mac is old enough, then it still has a Stereo Line-In connection (on the left).

Enjoy it. None of the new Macs have that any more except the Mini.


no point my downloading Soundflower then?

You can if you want to record YouTube or other on-line content. You don’t need it for straight, uncomplicated recording of an external sound device (mixer).


Thanks Koz.

My mixer doesn’t have a record out but does have two outputs - balanced (RCA) and unbalanced (phono).
I’m using the RCA for the amp. I’ve ordered a stereo jack plug to two 6.3mm mono jack plugs connector in the hope i can use that option. Its not ideal is it?

The Master Out (Balanced) are XLR connections (not RCA) suitable for connection to a broadcast or recording sound mixer or other high-end service.

The other connection, the 1/4" or 6.3mm sockets can be easily adapted to the stereo Line-In (circle with two black arrows) of your Mac.

It’s a combination of this.

and this.

Both connections should work. They should be the same show unless the instructions say different.

You will need to juggle the volume levels because I’m betting your sound system needs different levels than the recording.

And be very clear about this, newer Macs do not have that connection. I’m using two older Macs (and a Mini) because they do.


Thanks again - you’re right about new macs not having the input. I have a retina MBP that i use for more general stuff - and its not got that facility.

That’s when you pop for a Behringer UCA-202 and keep right on going. The cable is slightly different.


That’s useful to know for some point in the future when either my old mac dies or i decide to move on. Appreciate your advice. Enjoy the rest of your weekend - its bedtime here in London for me. Work tomorrow :frowning: