recording from my macbook drives me crazy

I have my device setting like it is supposed to be, but I no recording from the internet, i did this once, and it worked, now, again it does not, how do I do the sound preferences in my mac? not audacity. it feels like I need to have 100 different buttons just right, otherwise it will nor record…please help

Mac computers do not have the capability built in to directly record what is playing on the computer. You need to use third party software such as Soundflower:

well, that’s the thing, I had it working already, it works, but it’s about a month since then, and now I just can’t remember how the sequences go, I mean I have soundflower and all that, I keep changing the output to input and back, there’s audacity preferences, and there’s mac preferences, I know, I am just out of sync, I get one part right, and then get the other part wrong, and vice versa!

Bill wrote a slightly different version.


Actually, the manual version is now the “definitive” one. Content from the wiki was recently integrated into it.

This is the one to reference from now on:

– Bill

Except of course after 2.0.4, Audacity Manual will have that content and that is the link we will want to give out.

Thanks for completing the page.