recording from my keyboard


I just bought a new Casio keyboard, I am trying to record the keyboard sounds via usb.

In my computer on the devices list I can see my keyboard and the driver was installed successfully but it seems Audacity does not seem to recognize or see the device through the usb. ( I don’t get anything when I scan for new devices)

I do understand that if I connect the head phone out put to the mic input on my computer it should work find but I will not have that option for months till I can save some money.

I am not sure how to try and force Audacity to read the data through the usb rather than the mic input, I also don’t know if the issues is the keyboard not projecting the data through the usb? I have also tried all the settings on my keyboard encase that was the issue.

I have looked all through the forum but don’t see anything specific to my issue. ( which is not really a device or software issue)

IS there a way to make my own 6 mm male to 3 mm female head phone adapter?

The USB connection on your keyboard is probably not an audio connection. It is more likely to be a MIDI connection.