Recording from multiple applications/excluding applications


I am looking to record game footage with a friend. I know I can record separate tracks for the system audio and my own audio (even my video capture program does this), but I would like to exclude the audio of my friend’s voice (he will record his own audio in higher quality and send over the file). Is there a way of recording my microphone audio and the game audio (JUST the game audio, without other system sounds)? Can Audacity or any other program do it?

I am super sorry if this question has been asked and answered already - I have looked at the forums, wiki, tutorials and generally online, but couldn’t find anything that answered my question.

If you set Audacity to record sounds playing on your computer, then it records ALL sounds that are playing on your computer through the specified audio device. There is no option to exclude “some sounds” other than turning them off so that they are not playing through the audio device that you are recording from.

You could have a look to see what options are available in Fraps.