Recording from keyboard via USB

Hi All,

I recently purchased a yamaha mox8 keyboard, and have been attempting to record audio output from it in Audacity via USB without any success. In the audio input drop down menu in Audacity I can select the keyboard as my input. However, when I try to record there doesn’t seem to be a signal making it from the keyboard to Audacity. Any suggestions or thoughts as to why this may be so? I’m new to the board and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, so any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


This will be interesting because this keyboard is both MIDI and USB Audio. Do you have two USB connections? What kind of computer are you messing with? Mac/Windows? Which one exactly? Operating System?

My slightly older Yamaha (same size) has MIDI and that’s what goes down the USB connection so the computer can tell the keyboard what key to press and how hard. My keyboard has analog audio and that’s a separate connection to the computer. The music doesn’t go down the MIDI connection.

I probably should download your instructions and see what they’re doing.


You may need the Steinberg Cubase software that came with your keyboard. They may have a proprietary interface that allows MIDI and multi-channel audio to co-exist on one connection.

And you’re a newbie, right? I may have started with a simpler keyboard. I looked down the list of supported features and had to go sit down for a minute.


Hi Kozikowsky, thanks for your response. I’ve set it up with Cubase after a good bit of tinkering, but was just hoping to use Audacity at times for the ease of use factor. I’ll probably just have to route the analog audio into Audacity if I want to do that. I am a newbie in terms of recording, but have been playing piano since I was young and wanted something that felt more authentic than the cheap entry-level one that I had for a while and really liked this keyboard, but as you said, the features can be a bit daunting.

My Yamaha 505 keyboard is connected to my Mac Stereo Line-In via a headphone cable. 1/4" to 1/8" stereo.

If you’re on a Windows Laptop. you may only have Mic-In which is mono and very easily overloaded. Your desktop Widows machine will almost certainly have Stereo in, but not the laptop.

These have worked out very well for us.

Behringer UCA-202.

Don’t get rid of your old keyboard. You can set it up with a small mixer to play both (only available with an analog connection).