Recording from Itunes

I am trying to record an audio book file from iTunes. The file is very long so I don’t want to listen to it while it is recording. When I turn down the volume on my macbook pro it also turns the recording level down. Is there a way to mute the sound but still record from itunes?

Plug in a headphone jack?

I’m not sure why you’d want to re-record a file that is already digital and on your computer. No way to export from iTunes because of DRM, perhaps?

Exactly. I tried the headphone jack but it didn’t work.

How are you recording the file? Soundflower? iShowU Audio Capture?

Why not set it up to record overnight? You could use Audacity’s timer record function.

– Bill

Bill, thanks for this question. It made me look into this because I didn’t have any recording input/output set up. Once I installed Soundflower, it gave me an opportunity to select this as in input and output, so I was able to record this properly. Problem solved. Thank you again!