Recording from I Player through the laptop

Hi there its been a few years since I used Audacity. I’m trying to record a set from Glastonbury I did it back in 2010 it seemed simple back then just press play on I Player and record on Audacity. But this time it will record but on playback the sound is sort or hollow if you know what I mean. what do I need to do so it will sound as it should any help will be fantastic.

As far as I’m aware, the only legal way to save iPlayer content, is to download it via the BBC’s online interface.

As a more general issue: If the sound is “hollow” when recording, then it could be that you are recording from the laptop’s microphone (test by shouting at your laptop while recording - if your shouting is recorded, then you are using the mic). Usually the best way to record sounds that are playing on your computer is to use “WASAPI loopback”, as described here: