Recording from Hype USB too loud

I am having a problem with recording from my Hype tap player. The import sound is in red and I can’t seem to be able to correct it to green. It never did this before. It has also been a while since I used the Audacity software.

Is that a USB cassette player?
How is the “Hype tap player” connected to your computer?
Which version of Windows are you using?

There is an article about recording from USB record and tape players in the manual here: Audacity Manual

If you’re using Windows Vista or later, you may be able to adjust the recording volume in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

Have you checked the instructions that came with the player?

The Hype player is a USB and I am running Windows 7. I have read the manual. By the way, I got the Audacity software when I received the recorder.

You may want to check which version they have given you. Companies that include Audacity with their products don’t often bother to update their disks. You will find the version number if you look in “Help > About Audacity”. The current (2.0.5) version is available here: Audacity ® | Downloads

Also, go to Windows Control Panel and make sure “Microphone Boost” is not on. (Sometimes Windows treats any USB audio device is a USB microphone.)

And, check for any other “Windows enhancements”. Audacity doesn’t do anything it to the audio during recording. It simply “captures” the digital audio stream and sends it to your hard drive in an appropriate format. But, Windows and your drivers sometimes do “funny things”.