Recording from Guitar Rig 2 into Audacity... is it possible?

I have Guitar Rig 2 installed on my computer, (running XP) which works through the Behringer UCG102 USB guitar interface thingy. Unfortunately, when it is running, Audacity will not work or record, telling me to check inputs and sampling. When I shut down Guitar RIg, my guitar plays straight into Audacity via the Behringer thingy no problems. Is there any way I can get Audacity to record the sweet, sweet sounds coming out of Guitar RIg 2 directly? Can they ever work together in peace and harmony, or do I have to get creative with a second PC and a microphone…?! Can anyone help? :unamused: Thanks!

Your best bet is probably to try Wavosaur or some other recording program that supports ASIO. You can Export WAVs from Wavosaur then Import into Audacity for editing and mixing.

Awesome, thanks! I’ll give it a try! Cheers! :wink: