Recording from Encore USB Cassette problem

Windows 7.
Host: set at MME
Device set at Realtech High Definition
Recording set at Audio Audio Dev
Channels: set at 2

Note: I am connected to computer with a USB cable on one end and the Audacity on the other end (Encore device)

Note: no batteries installed. Encore device will play the cassette tape that I want to record and the << button moves the cassette tape.
When I press on Record and look through the window on the Encore device, the tape doesn’t move.

Also, even though I have installed the software several times and told the installation to provide an icon for the software, no icon exists after installation.

You mean you are pressing the record button in Audacity?

Audacity does not control the USB cassette player, it just records whatever signal you send it. You have to start playback of the cassette player by pressing the play button on the cassette player.

Note that the USB cassette player should be connected to the computer before you launch Audacity.
Ensure that Audacity is set to record from the USB device in the device toolbar.