Recording from effects pedal

I have an Alesis Guitar Effects pedal which sounds fine through my amp but when I record to audacity it only records the clean guitar sound, not the effects. Does anyone know if this is an audacity setup issue or something else ? Thanks.

You have not said, but I’m guessing that this is not a normal guitar pedal. I bet it is a USB guitar pedal that uses your computer to produce the effects by running effects software in the computer.

If this is the case, then to directly record the output of the effects, you need to use ASIO, which Audacity does not have.

The other way that you may get this to work is to set Audacity and your computer sound system to record “stereo mix”.
See here for how to do this:
(note that some newer computers can not do this. Also Macs can not do this without using additional software).

Thanks Steve. It is a regular effects pedal, it produces the effects.( I found in the manual that the output was stereo so I changed the input in Audacity to 2 channel (stereo). It records the effects now. Thanks again for the reply.