Recording from decks to laptop!

I am struggling to record from my decks to my laptop. I have a jack lead coming from my master socket on my mixer into a soundcard and have tried every combination from the drop down menus and looked through the help manual on the website. The closest i have come to getting any sound is a static sound. I’m not sure if the soundcard is rubbish as when i tried to change it to the 2-channel 16-bit, there wasn’t this option. Any help would be much appreciated!!

You should be able to get some sound, but the mic-input on your laptop is wrong for the mic-input on your laptop. :frowning: Unless your laptop has a line-input, you need an external interface. The [u]Berhinger UCA202[/u] is usually the lowest cost solution. There are all kinds of higher-end audio interfaces with various input options, but most regular “USB soundcards” are like laptops, with only mic-in and headphone out.

Cheers for the reply, i will try that out! Thanks :slight_smile: