recording from cd into itunes


I hope you can assist me as, being 73 years old, I am a little stupid when it comes to technical matters.

For 3 years I have been successfully copying/editing cd’s into iTunes in my laptop using Audacity 1.3.12.

Last week due to a laptop problem my local repair shop switched me from Windows Home Vista to Windows 7. Now when I press the red ‘record’ button in Audacity the equipment records ok as before but I cannot hear what it being recorded which, of course, is a problem. If I press the ‘stop’ button and then the ‘play’ button then I can hear what I have just recorded but for some reason I can no longer hear the sound during the recording. Do you have any idea why my laptop is suddenly not allowing sound whilst recording?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me but please keep it simple otherwise I won’t know what you are advising.

Best regards, Peter

First, you should’t be “recording” CDs. You can do digital audio extraction (AKA “import” or “ripping” a CD. (Audacity doesn’t do that, but of course Audacity can edit the resulting digital audio file.)

But, try going to Edit → Preferences → Recording, and check Software Playthrough. You should’t need to do that if you are playing the CD on your computer and recording “Stereo Mix”, or “What-U-Hear”.

I haven’t used iTunes for this, but iTunes calls digital audio extraction Importing a CD. Check iTunes help, or the Internet for how to do this.

Generally, “ripping” goes faster than recording and if you use a lossles format (WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC) you should get an exact bit-for-bit copy of the audio data in a different “package” (assuming no errors).