recording from Cakewalk into Audacity

I am creating a MIDI sequences in Cakewalk and then recording them in Audacity. I open both programs, begin recording in Audacity and then start Cakewalk. This has worked extremely well for the last 2 weeks. Since late last night I am getting a 9999 error on Audacity with my newest sequence. If I load the other songs that I have previously recorded, Audacity will create new recordings of them. I have tried cutting the sequence in half. I have tried using a smaller project rate. Nothing works. Why am I unsuccessful with only this file?

I don’t have any idea why it stopped working but you shouldn’t have to record from Cakewalk. Cakewalk should be capable of rendering (creating) and audio file.

If I was working in audio, Cakewalk would render it. But I am working in MIDI. I like the sounds on my Kurzweil, so I am playing the Cakewalk songs thru my Kurzweil and recording them back into my computer into Audacity.

Why not record back into Cakewalk?