Recording from Behringer UCA 202 USB to Audacity

Hey all – am having no luck recording from a Casio WK6600 thru a Behringer UCA202 usb connection to a Dell lap top. I’ve set Audacity to record and playback as USB audio CODEC. I pressed record, started my Casio device, but no data are being recorded in Audacity. All connections (line from Casio to mono input in UCA202, USB from UCA202 to Dell lap top) are in tact. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

line from Casio to mono input in UCA202

The UCA202 doesn’t have a mono input. It’s stereo only.

Switch the UCA202 to MONITOR and plug headphones into the headphone connection. You should be able to hear your keyboard.


My music keyboard has a stereo headphone connection. I adapted that to a split between my music system and a UCA-202. That gives me the ability to set the keyboard volume for Audacity recording levels and still set the room sound so it’s comfortable.

I’d be shocked if a keyboard as large as yours was mono-only. I see a number of different connections back there. Consult your instructions.

That’s how I shot this.