Recording from audio cassette problem!

Can anyone help me?

Just started using th programme, I am trying to record off audio tapes, they do record but when played back there is crackling noise in the background that is not on the cassette, I have the input levels set not to high, and when put through windows sound recorder it is fine.
importing from the PC works ok as well, I am going straight into the line in on my sound blaster from the stereo with the right leads etc, am I doing something wrong or is it just a slight ajustment that is needed? :question: Thanks Guy’s.


That could be rough without hearing it. Might you have dirty plugs? Clean the 3.5mm plug that goes into the computer with Windex or other glass cleaner, dry it, plug it in a couple of times, pull it out and wash it and dry it again.

Pull the RCA connectors out of the tape machine and clean them with cotton swabs as best you can. An old tape machine is certain to have a bit of corrosion on the connectors. Make sure to dry everything thoroughly

You can also use rubbing alcohol or vodka. In that case, if this completely refuses to work, you can drink the cleaner.

If there is a way to post a sample (not here) so we can listen to the crackling, that would be good.


Thanks for that, the leads are brand new and the midi system is not that old, it seems to be a problem with the software because when I use the same leads/set up but record on to ‘Sound Recorder’ on the PC it records perfectly, so I’m still a bit puzzled?

I think we will need to hear a sample to be able to diagnose the problem further. Can you upload a short sample (just a couple of seconds) of recorded crackly audio somewhere on the internet (in WAV format) and post a link so that we can download it and have a listen.

Have made a copy now, but i dont know where I can post the audio clip so you can listen, any idea’s?? :confused: Thanks again. or any other similar service.
With “yousendit”, after your upload is complete a link is displayed to the file. Copy and paste that link into your forum message.

Maybe I missed it, but also clean the playback heads in the tape deck. When I used to rip Audiobooks on tape, I had to clean those almost every week.

Also depending on the level of hiss/pop, you may to be able to deal with in audacity. (Note I use Hiss/Pop/Click and Dolby C in Cooledit for all my work, but I pretty certain, Audacity has similiar options.)