Recording from anywhere in the track

I may be thinking about another program, but I’m near positive I could start recording from anywhere on my track from the cursor.

Example, place cursor anywhere on my track, press record…and recording starts from there, even recording over a previous recording if I went too long. Have I lost my mind. Has this feature just been removed, or did it never even exist.

Because I’m driving myself bonkers here!

Please and thank you, in advance.

I wouldn’t like to say :smiley:

It never existed.

You CAN record from the cursor position, but only in empty regions of the track, and only if there is no audio in that track beyond the cursor position.
You CAN add a new track (mono or stereo) and record anywhere in that empty track.
You CANNOT record over existing audio.

time to up my meds, LOL… thanks for your help :smiley: