Recording from another site ?

hello, first post…

Just wanted to say you guys did an awesome job with this software. I find it much better than others, and free ? can’t beat that.

just wanted to ask if there’s a way to record sound effects from other sites. for example, there’s this one mouse-over sound effect from another site that i’m very interested in. It’s only like a second long.

would I be able to use your software to record that and keep the quality good ? I just the option for "Sound Activated Recording On / Off " and was wondering if maybe that could be used as well ?

If you think this software won’t help at all in trying to accomplish what I want done (recording that sound effect) , and additional help or other software recommendations to get the job done will be much appreciated.



Audacity isn’t the problem. Audacity will record anything Windows presents to it. It’s the presenting part that gets you into trouble.