Recording from Allen & Heath q33 board to audacity

Need advice on setting up recording from Allen and heath Q32 board to audacity for Windows. Need to know what to plug into the board to get audacity to recognize sound. I tried playing with the different audio options in audacity but I’m thinking I need an output from the board. Currently, we are using the phones outlet which goes into the microphone input in the computer. However, I’d like to use the phones output for its intended use! Any help would be appreciated.

Is it an Allen & Heath q33 (as in the topic title), or a q32 (as in your first post) or a Qu-32 (as found on Allen & Heath’s product pages), or something else?

Qu-32 is correct

From the Allen and Heath website:

Qu series features include multitrack recording direct to USB

So, you can use USB but if you’re going to multitrack you’ll probably need a [u]DAW[/u], rather than a “simple” audio editor like Audacity.

You’ll have to check the mixer’s documentation to see if you can record the stereo/mono mix via USB. If it can put-out stereo or mono via USB, Audacity is perfectly adequate.

Currently, we are using the phones outlet which goes into the microphone input in the computer.

The mic input will “work”, but it’s “wrong”, A mic input is too sensitive for a line-level signal, it’s usually mono, and the mic preamp built into a laptop or consumer soundcard is generally low-quality.

If you have a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard, plug-into the line-inputs on the soundcard. If you have a laptop you’ll need a [u]USB Audio Interface[/u] with line inputs. (The Behringer UCA202 is affordable if cost is an issue.)

The headphone-output is “close-enough” to line-level (at reasonably-high volume). A [u]Y-Adapter/splitter[/u] will allow you to plug-in headphones and something else (or a 2nd pair of headphones). But, if you adjust the headphone volume, you’ll also change the recording volume.

It’s better to use the main stereo or mono outputs from your mixer. If there is only one set of outputs and they are being used for the PA, again you can use a Y-Adapter/splitter (you might need a pair of Y-Adapters for stereo) with the appropriate connectors/adapters.

The mic input will “work”, but it’s “wrong”

That may be where your peak clipping is coming from. If you plug anything but a microphone into Mic-In, you run the risk of electronics overload. Does the mixer have a Tape-Out? That’s how I usually do it.

2TRK-OUT? Consult your instructions. I think that’s intended to go to a tape machine. That can also connect to your USB adapter if you decide to go that way.

That will free up the headphone connection and will only change volume with the show.