recording from album

I am recording from albums to computer and it records all the background noise. I thought it would record it internally. What am i doing wrong? Please help.

Since you didn’t tell us anything at all about your world, I’d say you were recording your laptop built-in microphone instead of your turntable.


We need to know:

  • Your operating system
    Your computer make/model
    The version of Audacity you are using
    The brand name and model of the turntable
    How you are connecting the turntable to your computer.

– Bill

I’m sorry guess i really didn’t know what i was getting into.
Windows 7 64 bit
HP Pavilion 97 Notebook
Audacity 2.0.6
turntable is an Encore Technology PC Link stereo system model 9284MO
Turntable connects with a USB to computer

Turntable connects with a USB to computer

See [u]this page[/u].

Make sure you’ve selected the USB turntable as your Recording Device.