Recording from a Xio Synth

Trying to help out my 13 year ols son here …
He’s been fiddling with Audacity for a while and knows his way round quite well, likewise a Novation Xio (using in synth mode not as a midi controller) but we can’t get Audacity to record from it over USB. He’s got v 1.2.6 loaded on XP pro
Recording / Output device options in Audacity are showing as Microsoft sound mapper Input : MME Realtek audio Input : Xio.

Any Xio users out there who might have an idea where we’re going wrong. Can supply more info if required. i’ve suggested making up a couple of leads to connect the Line Out sockets on the Xio into the sound card, but that would mean a trip into town. He claims it was working on our previous PC over USB but I honestly can’t remember. i’ve had it working on the Ableton Lite that came with the synth, but he prefers to use Audacity.

cheers :confused:

You could try Audacity 1.3.7 and see if you have more success with that. (hardware support is somewhat more advanced in Audacity 1.3.7)

A bit late now, but there’s been a similar problem reported here:
It looks like Ableton Live can cause problems running Audacity on the Novation Xio