Recording from a microphone and from skype- please help! :)

I am trying to record a podcast where I interview someone through a skype call. Only if I record it on one track the guy on the other end of the skype call sounds so much quieter than me. Is there a way to record me and the person on skype at the same time on separate tracks so that I can edit it later and make the skype call sound equally as loud as my voice?
If anyone has answers to this question I would really appreciate a response.

Thank you kindly

The best way is to install the software designed to do this. Pamela Professional and Pamela Business will do that as will Total Recorder.

The lower two licenses have operating restrictions.

There was another software package we used to recommend, but we’ve been getting serious complaints about malware embedded in it.

The other way is to use two computers. Skype takes over the computer that’s running it making it very unlikely to find a way to successfully record both sides without destroying the call.


The really, really, best way to do this is to locally record very high quality voices of both parties. Use Skype or cellphone just as coordination, not the actual show. At the end of the show, one person sends the high quality voice file to the other for combining into the final show. Done properly, it sounds like you’re both in the studio talking to each other.

There are ways to force special purpose microphones to do this, but again, that requires two computers.


If each party uses the computer to make the recording, don’t you get loss of synchronisation due to different clock speeds?


Is the one being complained about MP3 Skype Recorder ?


I’ve just tried Pamela Basic (free version).
Recording time is limited to 15 minutes per call but it does record both sides of the conversation.
There is a nag screen to ask if you want to buy the full version at the end of every recording.
There was an “option” to install the “Ask Toolbar” and set “Ask” as the default homepage in my web browser (I declined).

The nag screen is quite irritating, but if 15 minutes recording per call is sufficient, then the free basic version does work.

I got better results by using Audacity to record my side of the conversation and Sound Leech (currently free) to record the Skype side and no nag screen.