Recording from a computer game


I just installed Audacity 2.0.5 today. I’m using a Windows XP laptop. I would like to record music from a computer game on the same computer that I’m using Audacity, but I don’t have the first idea of how to make this happen. I click the record button and open the window to the game, but no sound is recorded even though it plays through my speakers. Is there something I need to connect to my laptop in order to make this work? Thanks for any help!

You have to make Audacity record computer sound. With Windows XP, this should be relatively easy.


Thank you for the link.

I followed the steps underneath “Window Control Panel for Sounds” and under the XP part, but at Step 6 I only found two boxes: “Line In” and “Microphone”; I couldn’t find any box that pertained to stereo mix.

My mixer device is SigmaTel Audio, if that helps.

Not all sound cards have “Stereo Mix” enabled (even on XP).
Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel to see if your sound card has a Stereo Mix option. If it doesn’t then you will need to use one of the workaround options descried here:

Hmm… I’ve checked all of the boxes in the Recording Control, but I still can’t find any “Stereo Mix.” I’ve tried updating my sound card too, but I’ve been unable to find any updates. Should I look into installing a new sound card?

Is there a certain sound card that anyone would recommend for a Windows XP user?

A USB sound card.
Your old XP machine is not going to last forever, If you have a USB sound card then when you change your computer you can use the USB sound card on the new computer.

One thing about USB sound cards is that usually they do not have a “stereo mix” option. However, because they are external devices and usually use either phono connectors or jack plugs it should be quite simple to rig up a “loopback cable” to connect the output to the input and record the computer playback that way.

I can’t really recommend a particular make or model - there are hundreds to choose from ranging in price from a few dollars to thousands. The starting price for something reasonable is probably around $30.

Trust USB Sound Expert External supports stereo mix - but it is not the only USB sound card that does.


Thank you all for the help.

I am getting a new Windows 7 PC in a few days, so I might try recording the music from it instead. If that doesn’t work I’ll look into getting a USB sound card.

Thank you!

If you get Windows 7 then you should be able to record computer playback in Audacity using “Windows WASAPI (loopback)”, even if the built-in sound device on that machine lacks stereo mix. See .