recording from a allen and heath QU-24

so we were recording all the channels in a from our allen and heath qu-24 mixing board using via usb. we updated to the latest version of audacity and now we cant record even mono via usb had to resort to a separate mix in to the built in input on the mac anyone else had this Problem?

What version of Audacity? Give us all three numbers from Audacity > About Audacity… .

What exactly is via USB? Show us a link where we would obtain it.

If you connected the USB after launching Audacity, use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in the Audacity Menu Bar.

You may need to set up USB audio devices in /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup. Specify the same sample rate in Audio MIDI Setup as the project rate bottom left of Audacity, and specify the same number of recording channels.


The A&H QU24 is capable of recording 32 channels over the built-in USB interface.

With this very recent table, make sure you have the latest drivers AND firmware from A&H, especially with El Capitan.

Call support if necessary because sometimes the latest drivers aren’t on the support site yet. You also need to register before being able to access everything on the support site.

I know the audio part is USB audio class compliant, but there’s a lot more control going over the USB cable.

I’m wrestling an A&H GSR24M myself. Audio is working perfectly, but the midi and automation not yet.