Recording freezing.

I am using two computers Win 11. both with the same problem. Audacity 3.2.2
When recording The program freezes (stutters) for short periods. There is no regularity to the freezing. I have been using Audacity for about seven years without problems but now with Win 11 and the latest version of Audacity I am experiencing these issues.
Set up I have a backing track and am trying to record over that. The freezing happens either with a mice USB Sampson attached or a Focusrite interface or even without a mic connected. Simply press record and watch the interruptions occur. The recording flat lines intermittently.

OK so this is a recording by Audacity with drop outs at 23 sec 27 28 30

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yep unfortunately I have had to resort to purchasing MixPad. It is on special for December. So goodby Audacity unfortunately.

When overdubbing It can be worthwhile to check that all of your sample rates are the same. There is the Project Rate at the lower left-hand corner of the Audacity windows. This should match both the device playback and recording sample rates. These can be found by pressing WIndows Key-R >> mmsys.cpl >> Playback tab >> your device >> Properties >> Advanced tab > Default Rate. Then repeat for the Recording tab.

If it doesn’t work with all of them set to 44100, then try 48000.

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately still faulty. The input device only has the capacity for 44100.