Recording four chanels separately

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I would like to make a question. Did you recording all the sounds at the same time? I would like to do multitrack recording at the same time (3 or 4 tracks at the same time), but I do not know how to do it. I am using 8 channels mixer, but when I am recording 4 channels at the same time, all the channels go to just one track. Can you help me, please. Thank you

I started a new topic for you in the Windows board. boss96 is not a forum helper and might not be still following the topic after a gap of six weeks.

With most equipment on Windows, Audacity as shipped can’t record more than two channels at a time, because it does not ship with ASIO support. You can compile ASIO support into Audacity though, if you willing to go to extra trouble and if you do not distribute that ASIO build to anyone else.

Please give the exact make and model number of the mixer. Lower end mixers might only mix down to stereo in any case.