Recording for Traning Courses

I am going to make some training videos. During my tests, one thing is really slowing me down, which is deleting the misspoken sentences (lots of those).

Is there a way to record a sentence and then accept or reject it in real time? For example, I press record (or hold down a button), say a sentence, then press stop (or release a button). Then I can reject/accept that sentence. That way I could “edit” on the fly.

You want a feature that we at last introduced in 2.3.0 - it’s called Punch&Roll - see:


Thanks bud! I appreciate that. But there is something I can’t figure out…

My process is to use R (record) and then pause (space) for each sentence. So I can see the clips (the most current one being the most relevant), but can’t select it with a hotkey. All of the options seem to be related to the cursor position, but that is not relevant as I start moving along. If I can find a way to select the last clip and then use SHIFT+D, then that would do the trick. If I have to select it manually with the mouse, that would take away from the flow of the recording (I set the preroll to 0). I basically just want to record/pause each sentence and then delete the last one if it didn’t sound right. Then continue the process.

First either turn on the Full set of default shortcuts from Edit > Preferences > Keyboard

or if you don’t want the full set, then set a shortcut for Edit > Clip > Boundaries - the standard Audacity shortcut for this is Ctrl + I - that’s capital letter i - though you could choose any available key combination that you want.

See here in the Audacity Manual:

The other two commands you’re gonna need already have default shortcuts in the Standard (and this also Full) set.

[quote}My process is to use R (record) and then pause (space) for each sentence … [/quote]

OK so when you get to the stop i.e. when you press Space - the then press Ctrl + I (or whatever shortcut you set)
This will pace a split boundary at the end of the recording - you won’t see it yet, it will appear when you press R for record it will appear (a vertical black line - a clip boundary).

For navigation and clip selection you have two shortcuts

Alt + , - which is a shortcut for Select > Clip Boundaries > Previous Clip

Alt + . - which is a shortcut for Select > Clip Boundaries > Next Clip


Thanks WC,

I have been looking over the shortcuts and the menu picks. But for me, CNTRL+I doesn’t seem to do anything. I also don’t see that in the Edit/Preferences/Keyboard.

I also can’t find a menu pick to place the split boundary at the end of the recording…hmmm.

But I was thinking, the easiest way to do this would be to just directly delete the last clip (rather than use punch and roll).

So the process would be R, space, R, space, etc. Then just delete the last clip (if there were a shortcut key for this), and then continue on. This would streamline the process, but I don’t think there is a keyboard shortcut to do that? Double clicking the last clip then delete is pretty good as well…not quite as efficient but gets the job done :slight_smile: The advantage of using all keyboard shortcuts is that I could remap everything to a small numeric keyboard and and just hold that in my palm. I could probably cruise along with that.

As I explained you don’t get that with the Standard Default set - but if you select the Full Default set in Keyborad preferences then you will get it.

Or you can use the defeault default Standard set and add Ctrl+I for the command

The menu string is Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split


Gotcha, I didn’t see the option for the Full keyboard shortcuts at first, but now I found it.

But I still need to somehow select the last recorded clip. All of those options only work with the clip position with respect to the cursor…and the cursor does not advance itself so it is at an older position not relevant to the recent clip. I can’t see how to get the cursor to the end so I can use <ALT+,> to select the most recent clip.

Oh shoot, nevermind…I was looking in the wrong area. I needed look at the transport menu.

A macro will also do exactly what I want via placing the cursor at the end, then selecting the clip prior to cursor, then delete. Then I can assign the macro to a keyboard shortcut.

Works perfect :slight_smile: Thanks!

glad we got you sorted :slight_smile: