Recording Error: Data appears for a moment then disappears

Hi everyone,

I’m currently having trouble with all versions of Audacity, including 2.x.

When I attempt to record microphone input by pressing the record button, Audacity receives the input and begins processing the audio data. However, if I press the stop button or if the recording goes longer than ten seconds or so, all recorded data is erased and the track becomes a flat line (silence). Audacity is unable to generate tones as well. If I try to generate a chirp for ten seconds, a ten second track is created, but it is completely silent (this assures me it is not a microphone problem). I assumed the files for audacity were corrupted, so I uninstalled/reinstalled twice, being careful to delete all contents from the C:/Program Files/Audacity folder manually after each uninstall. I have played around with different settings on the input/output hotbar within Audacity to no avail.

I am suspicious that my audio card’s drivers are corrupted. I recently uninstalled a trial version of MorphVox Pro and the associated Screaming Bee Audio Driver that simulates a soundcard in Windows. The problem seems to have begun right after that uninstall.

Anybody have suggestions? Need more details?

Try resetting the Audacity preferences by reinstalling and selecting the option to reset preferences.