Recording equipment for voice

Hello, I have bought a new microphone for zalman - its very cheap, also im using a integrated music card (relatek) and my question its about.
Is it music card important for recording?
If you could give me some tips/proposal what microphone should I buy (to 150$) using for stream recording, animation, talks with parents on skype.
Is there some better audiacity plugins that could remove noises from voice recording?

Is there some better audiacity plugins that could remove noises from voice recording?

No. We can’t remove noise from a recording. We have a “Vocal Removal” tool and that doesn’t work very well, either. If you go into a job depending on Noise Removal to work, you’re doomed.

If you could give me some tips/proposal what microphone should I buy

It’s not the microphone. Without question the room, echoes and room noise are the most important thing to consider in a voice recording. You can’t patch or “clean up” a recording in Audacity after you shoot it. If you elect to record in a noisy room with echoes, you can do that with a special microphone, but it won’t be $150.

That sounds like some kid recording in the kitchen doesn’t it? We can’t take out echoes, so that’s as good and clear as that clip is ever going to sound.

Once you quiet the room down, you can use a microphone similar to the Radio Shack 3013 lavalier and pin it on your chest.

That will plug into the pink Mic-In of your soundcard. It takes its own battery, so it should not have troubles with soundcard power.

You can also use the microphone on some gaming headsets. The USB ones don’t use the computer soundcard at all. So if you already have one of those, you may be good to go already.

Is it music card important for recording?

Yes. The soundcard is half the microphone. Common problems are not enough loudness and hiss noise. Some soundcards have a “20dB Boost” setting and that helps a lot. We can’t clean up hiss. Once you have fffffffffffff in the background, you’re stuck.

USB microphones and headsets do not use the soundcard, so they work around hiss and volume problems – although they can have problems, too.

If you have a desktop computer you will need to find some way to get rid of the computer fan noise before you make the recording. USB microphones and headsets can’t be separated from the computer much over 6 feet, so that’s a major noise problem.

I know people who record in a closet to get around the noise and echo problems. I use furniture moving pads and blankets for echoes and I live in a quiet house.

You should probably start with that Radio Shack microphone it will tell you what needs to be fixed. After you clean up the noises in the room, it will produce good voice tracks. After you do this for a while, then you can think about upgrading to a higher quality microphone.

If you have a gaming headset, I would totally start there.


Skype and other communications require headphones or earbuds for good, clear audio at the other side of the call. Again, the microphone is not the most important thing. You can force Skype to do echo cancellation, but that sound is always bubbly and honky like a bad cellphone call.

If you have a gaming headset already…


You can’t stop a Skype recording to apply Noise Removal. Communications happens live and in real time and Audacity doesn’t. Whatever room, microphone and sound card noise you have is what’s going out.


Thank you for your posts - I really appreciate it, and sorry for my English - I’m foreign. I will follow your instructions.