recording echo

I am completely new to this. I am runing windows xp and using audacity 1.2.6. I connect my amplifer stereo output into may computer audio card line input. Recorded audio no problem converter to mp3 no problem but when I play it back sound like the music is in a cave heavy echo. Have tried with cassette and record player and every setting I can find in audacity that I can think of can find nothing anywhere to help all I want to do is convert my albums and cassettes to cd and mp3. Can anyone help?


Let’s take that item. You capture the live work and play it in Audacity and it doesn’t have the echo? Are you sure?

Export As WAV instead of MP3, close everything, open it all back up again and see if that file sounds OK.

Do you know what heavy MP3 compression sounds like? Bubbly/gargly?


it has echo playing thru audacity no matter what in fact it tried another program same problem.

redid recording exported as wav and mp3 closed everything and b oth mp3 and wav soundf the same music coming from the back of a cav. I do not know anything about compression of formats.

OK, so it’s a capture problem.

You are almost certainly recording the wrong thing. Go into your Windows Sound Panels and I bet you’re either recording Mix-Out, What-U-Hear, or the computer built-in microphone. All will sound pretty dreadful.

Windows Control Panel


thanks works great now. greatly appreciate the help