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I downloaded Audacity using the free disk that came with my new Crosley USB record player onto my Dell computer using Windows Vista Home Premium. I get everything working but recording stops after a few minutes, only part way through the first side of an LP. This has happened repeatedly and I can’t fix it.

Sometimes it’s helpful when something like this happens to get compulsive. “It stops recording after fifteen minutes, thirty seconds and it does it that way every time.” Different problems cause different errors and it would be good to know that it halts in the exact spot every time. Do you get an error message? Does Audacity exit gracefully? Do you get a working show that’s just too short?

Do you have anything set in Transport > Timer Record?

Some of the elves are going to immediately tell you to upgrade to the latest version of Audacity, 2.0. If this doesn’t resolve fairly quickly, I’m with them.


It stops about the middle of each record side. I really haven’t checked it closer than that. I don’t get any error message and the program doesn’t exit. Everything appears normal until I try to separate tracks and then find the problem. I don’t know where to find Transport > Timer Record but have wondered if there was some place that the record time needed to be set. Maybe this is the place to start. Can you tell me where to fine it, please?

If you have a very early Audacity you may not have a “transport” menu. Read your version. Help > About (I think). We need all three numbers. Audacity 1.3.14.


I found the number in About. It is 1.2.6. I assume that is an earlier version, as you mentioned. I did find Transport > Timer Record in the on line manual but it speaks of setting up recording sessions in the future, not regulating the length of time for the recording. But I’m sure I could use that to get around my problem if I could find it in the taskbar. Guess what - I couldn’t. It is really annoying that the version I was given just last month, expecting that it would do the job I needed it for, is too outdated to be useful. So what do I do now?

Download and install the latest version from this page:

We have no control over who gives what version of Audacity to someone else.

– Bill

I have downloaded the new version and will try it out as soon as I get time. I appreciate the speedy service I have received and what I expect will solve my problem. I have already checked out the new version enough to know that there is a Transport menu with the time of recording pre-set at 1 hour! Good deal. Thanks.