Recording dropouts

I am using Windows 7 64 bit and Audacity 2.0.5.
I am new to Audacity. I have been recording radio streams off the internet. After several minutes I will start getting audio dropouts and as the time goes on they become very consistent, every 7 seconds or so.

If you are getting small little fragments of the recording missing, there could be a number of fixes for that. See: .

If blocks of audio six seconds long keep completely disappearing, choose Edit > Preferences, then “Directories” on the left. Make sure you have permission to write to the Audacity temporary directory listed there and that it has sufficient free space.


For clairifacation, I am getting 1/4 second dropouts ever 6 seconds and only after 30 minutes of perfect recording. Problem something with my computer. Thanks for the reply

USB recording devices can do that especially if you don’t plug them into a spare USB port, but do we assume you are using stereo mix of your computer to record?


Sorry but I am new to Audacity and writing to forums. I am trying to record the audio stream from a local LA based radio station on my laptop computer. I am only using the soundcard that is built into the motherboard. The stream starts out okay, no drop offs, but after 45 minutes the stream had 1/4 second drop offs.

Thanks. We still don’t know how you are recording that stream. What input do you select in Audacity’s Device Toolbar ?

Are you listening to the streams - are you are sure the problem is in the recording?

If so, do you have a Screen Saver coming on and have you tried disabling it?

Have you tested using ?