Recording Dj Podcast with microphone [SOLVED]

Hi I’m recording a Dj podcast using Audcaity 2.0.5 which I downloaded from your website. I am using Mac OS 10.6.8 with a Scarlett 2i2 USB recording interface, Sennheiser mircophone and a Numark mixer w/Serato. I can record my audio from my dj equipment but I can’t record my voice while the track is playing it often doesn’t even catch my voice even though it’s on… I’m not sure if I have the correct input/output selected when recording. Any suggestions???

a Numark mixer w/Serato.

You were fine to right about there. Serato is a sound device and the Scarlett is a sound device. Audacity will record from one.

I would try plugging the microphone into the Numark like you would in an actual dance/performance. There is provision for one microphone, right?


You might be able to combine them into one with Aggregate Device.

Go > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup > Input

Aggregate Device is a service which will jam two different audio streams together without actually reclocking them. This is important because they will eventually drift out of sync. If the show is long enough and the device clocks are far enough off, you may find yourself missing the sound cues, or in the case of playing music instruments, with out-of-time instruments.

“How come I can start the song in perfect time, but by the end…?”


Note that if the microphone in the Numark doesn’t work, you may be able to jack the mixer output that would normally go to the house into the Mac.

If your Mac looks like this:

You may be able to use one of these cables:

… between the House Feed and the Mac Line-In (circle with two black arrows). Then switch Audacity to “look at” that input for recording.


Switch in your Device Toolbar. Attached.


thanks I will look into all these options and see what works.

I hooked the mic into the Numark mixer and I can record my voice directly into the audacity recording!! THank you