Recording DJ mixes using Citronic ac-1usb via hi-fi. HELP!

I had my decks perfectly set up to record before but my friend borrowed them and now i can’t remember how they were set up for me to record my mixes onto my Mac.

I have a Citronic ac1-usb, an iMac 10.6.8 Snow Leopard and I recently installed the newest Audacity from DMG. I also have a hi-fi system that i use as an amp.

Previously, I had it set up so the music was playing out of my hi-fi speakers but still recording onto my mix, so when i played back, i was playing back using my computer speakers.

The decks I’m using are Pioneer CDJ400s and I’m using a Pioneer CDJ400 mixer. The decks are connected to the Phono/Line of the mixer. My hi-fi has an Aux in and also a Line Out. The Citronic has a Line/Phono input and an output.

See, this isn’t a yes or no answer. Somebody has to download and read all your instruction books, interpret your wishes and then figure out the best configuration. This isn’t something we can do between other emails.


I’m wondering why you want to play back through your computer speakers - I’d have expected your hi-fi speakers would be a lot better than computer speakers.