recording distortions

Sometimes when I record a vinyl to my laptop from a USB turntable I get warbled distortions. If I try to re-record it might be fine where it was a problem before, but occur again in a differenct part of the album. In addition, if I shutdown & try to re-record, it is sometimes just fine. What’s going on? I have Win7 & Audacity 1.3

Maybe you could attach a few seconds of “warbling” audio to your next post which could help us identify the problem.

The fault occuring at apparently random intervals suggests to me Audacity is being occasionally being interrupted by another bit of software running on your machine. So you could try switching other programs off , e.g. disconnect from the internet when recording the vinyl .

Thanks for your suggestions, but they don’t seem to work. I disconnected from the internet & I disabled Norton. No other programs were running. I still, however, run into the same problem. Hopefully the attachment will give you a better idea of what’s going wrong.

The “warbling” sounds like skipping: there little gaps, more obvious when slowed down …

See …[b]Skips[/b]

[it’s not mentioned on that page about skips, but recording at a unnecessarily high sample rate, say 96000Hz, can give the computer too much info to process and result in skipping, a sample rate of 44100Hz should be sufficient]

One thing which may be worth trying if you’ve got plenty RAM …
If you've got plenty RAM could try ticking the yellow box.png
Skipping can be caused by the computer moving data from RAM (chip memory) to hard drive memory, and stops listening to the record for a split second when performing this housekeeping task. Ticking that (yellow) box stops that distraction from happening.


I get the same thing, except my sampled file is FINE. It is only when I export to MP-3 that it distorts. This started right after an OSX upgrade.

Here is a sample of the distortion in the MP-3:

If you receive crackling while playing and recording, try increasing the “audio to buffer” setting in the Recording Preferences in Audacity Beta.

If you suspect recording dropouts as the cause of loss of synchronisation, read our tips about > managing computer resources> .

Again, I don’t believe it is system resources. The sampled file plays fine when I replay the audacity file in audacity. Only when exported to MP-3 does it distort for me. The thing was working perfectly until the latest upgrade of OSX and iTunes. It went south at that point when exporting to MP-3. Have there been any other reports of this?

How does it sound if you export as a WAV file?

(I agree that the sound quality is poor, but it doesn’t sound like a problem caused by MP3 encoding)