Recording directly from Youtube in Windows

I’m looking for a right solution to record directly from YouTube using Audacity in Windows.
All is possible in Linux, but in Windows I’ma facing continuosly with big big problem.
I set Audacity to record as follows:
Audio setup (Host): Windows WASAPI
Playback device: Loudspeakers (High Definition Audio device)
Recording device: Loudspeakers (High Definition Audio device) (loopback)
One or two recording channels: (doesn’t matter for me)
This is the only setup that allows me to record something, but recording file is as you can hear in the enclosed sample.
Someone can help me to solve?

I’m just a user and far from an expert but this is how I have Audacity set, and I’m recording from YouTube right now and it works perfectly. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your message.
I’ tried, but nothing changes.
I still remain with a strange metalli noise as background

Simple setup solutions can work if your computer isn’t doing anything else. If you use Skype, Zoom, Meetings, or Multi-Player Games, the computer will have special setups and adjustments. Never leave those applications running in the background.

Sometimes, they can leave custom settings even when they’re off. Try Clean Shutdown. Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start.. Not regular Shutdown and not Restart.

Don’t let any other applications start.

That sample sounds to me like audio feedback. Your settings folded Playback into Record so you can capture the YouTube sound. Something Else also folded the Record into the Playback and made a screaming feedback loop.


Exactly this is this problem!!!
I disable “Audible input monitoring” in Recording menu and problem solved !!!
Thank you so much for your advise, Koz!!!

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