recording direct sound with UR22

I have tried various configurations to record direct Windows (10 64 bit) sound with Steinberg UR22 external sound card. First of all, I don’t see and sound activity on Audacity monitor. I have selected UR22 as both playback and recording device (UR22 is the only sound device my PC has). I also checked windows settings that UR22 is the active device for both playback and recording (that is because I also have a moxf8 with its own sound drivers installed). I also tried various recording configurations (MME, Windows direct, Windows ASAPI). All I get is a straight line. What could be wrong?

What are you trying to record? A microphone plugged into the UR22?

Do you see a green meter jumping up and down in the Windows Sound Control Panel when you feed a signal into to UR22?

No, direct Windows sound.
I play a recording on vlc to test it.
I see activity on the Windows Sound Control Panel.
I also tried the test there, and I think the activity got a little stronger.
Actually I now see activity on Audacity monitor too, both playback and recording.
Tried all three modes (MME, Windows direct, Windows ASAPI), again flat line. But it’s not totally flat: Cranking the volume to hear if Audacity recorded something after the fact I can hear the recording, only very faint and distant.

[u]Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows[/u]

If none of those methods work, your UR22 may not support it. (It depends on the drivers.) But assuming you UR22 can play and record, you should be able to use the loopback cable method. (You’ll need a Y-Adapter/Splitter if you want to connect speakers/headphones at the same time as the loopback cable.)

There are also software solutions on that page. Total Recorder comes with its own drivers so it should work regardless of your hardware.

UR22 is the only sound device my PC has

Weird… It’s been years since I’ve seen a motherboard without a sound chip. I didn’t think you could get a computer without a “soundcard”.

found it!
I report the solution, should anyone else encounters the same issue.
Apparently I should have selected as input source (microphone icon) “ur22 loopback” instead of “ur22”…

And off to a new issue!
I want to record direct sound as played back by Cubase.
More precisely, the click track (since up to version 8, which I have, it’s not possible to extract it from inside the program).
Cubase uses same sound driver (ur22).
And although I can still record direct sound (e.g. a sound clip playback at vlc) while having Cubase open, when I try to record sound from Cubase I still get a straight line :cry:
And ideas why?

Probably because Cubase uses ASIO drivers by default, and Audacity does not ship with ASIO support (due to license restrictions).

You can generate a click track in Audacity: Rhythm Track - Audacity Manual