Recording Digitally from Radio

Hello. New to Audacity Form and first post here. I am interested in recording a particular radio show by connecting a cord, one end to the line out/headphone out jack and other end to a recording device, that would digitally record directly to a MP3 or other digital file, which I could listen to later. What would be the best way to do that? Thank you.

A good place to begin if you seek help is to read the pink panel at the top of this page and post in the appropriate board for your operating system.

We only make Audacity and can only help you with that software Audacity records to lossless PCM then can export as MP3 if you add LAME from

Audacity does not record direct to MP3 which is a lossy format, though it has the advantage of not taking up much space on the computer.

What type of radio is it exactly (make and model number)? If it is an analogue radio you cannot record digitally from it - you can convert to digital when the signal enters your computer sound card and then an application like Audacity can record that signal.

Unless your computer has a blue line-in audio input, separate from the mic input, you may get mono, distorted or low quality recording. The basic procedure is outlined in a group of tutorials starting here, which also apply to recording from physical radios: For example you will want to read